14 December, 2022

Why has artificial grass become so popular in Essex?

Artificial grass is on the rise, with the increasingly realistic look and texture of the matting meaning that it can now be found across a plethora of front and back gardens in Essex and beyond.

But what is it about artificial grass that makes it so popular with the modern market, and how do we use artificial grass in Essex to liven up the gardens and outside spaces of homeowners in towns and rural settings?

Low maintenance making it ideal for homeowners and tenants alike

The number one benefit of artificial grass, and the reason why more homeowners in Essex than ever before are opting to have artificial grass laid across their outdoor spaces, is that it is easy to maintain and does not require nearly as much upkeep as a real lawn.

With no need to be cut or replanted, artificial grass is unaffected by weather and doesn’t even react to dog pee – making it ideal for dog-loving Essex! While there are things that we recommend our clients do to keep their artificial grass looking as good as possible, including brushing debris regularly and hosing dirt away every so often, for the most part, your garden will present a luscious green aesthetic with very little care.

Always attractive

Having pride in your garden or outside space is a very British attitude to have – and what better way to channel your inner, green-fingered gardener than with a foundational layer of artificial grass? Providing the perfect backdrop to your choice of plant pots, flower beds, herb troughs, and vegetable patches, artificial grass remains attractive all year round and is well equipped to cope with everything from our increasingly dry summers to the British downpours that are part and parcel of life in the UK.

More realistic than ever

One of the obstacles that stops homeowners from choosing artificial grass is the misconception that it looks like an astroturf, similar to that on a tired community football pitch or a tennis court. However, modern artificial grass isn’t just a green blanket of material stretched over your garden – it mimics both the colour and texture of real grass, with a selection of different lengths and shades available to help you find the look and finish which is right for you. Whether pairing your grass with decking, setting it against a patio, or opting for a simple cover of grass to bring your outside space to life, artificial grass will become a new talking about among your friends and neighbours – and we’d bet money on most of them thinking your grass is real!

Could artificial grass be the best option for you?

 Convenient, attractive, and easier than ever to install, our team are primed and ready to breathe life and colour into your garden in Essex – with our selection of high-quality artificial grass products. Get in touch with us directly to discuss your outside space and what you want from your grass or book a consultation and a site visit to benefit from our hands-on advice.

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