22 November, 2022

A beginners guide to caring for your artificial grass

Artificial grass is much easier to care for than real grass, however, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need any attention at all. To keep your artificial turf looking and performing its best throughout the year, you’ll need to carry out some minor maintenance, ranging from regular brushing and cleaning to removing pet waste as promptly as possible. Read on to find out how to care for your artificial grass.

Brush your artificial grass

Once your artificial grass installation is complete, you’ll then need to think about how to care for it. Regular brushing is essential for keeping it in optimal condition. You can do this once a week or every two weeks. Not only will brushing allow you to remove debris like leaves and twigs as well as pet hair that’s built up, but it can help to ensure the fibres remain in an upright position. The best brush for artificial grass is a medium brush with soft bristles. This will be gentle enough on the grass whilst still doing its job effectively. 

Remove leaves and other debris

Removing leaves and other debris from your artificial grass is important since they can eventually block the drainage holes, resulting in standing water on your lawn. Whilst brushing the grass can help to remove leaves, you can also use a normal leaf blower if you want to get the job done faster. A good tip is to remove the leaves at a time when there is no wind or it is blowing in the direction you want the leaves to go. 

Clean it using a light detergent

Artificial grass is mostly self-cleaning, with the rain washing away much of any dirt that’s built up. However, hosing it down with a light detergent every so often can help to keep it looking its best over time. A mix of half water and half vinegar is a good option for cleaning artificial turf. As well as being an effective cleaner for various spills and stains on artificial grass, vinegar can also help to remove mould and kill weeds. You can also buy artificial grass cleaner in stores if you’d rather not make your own. These products are designed to clean, disinfect, and totally eliminate bad smells coming from your lawn.

Pick up pet waste

Whilst pet urine will simply drain through your artificial grass in the same way as rainwater, you will need to make sure you scoop up and dispose of any poop. You can do this in just the same way as when they make a mess on natural grass. Ideally, you should pick it up as soon as possible since it will be easier to get rid of. Once it’s hardened, it can become more difficult to clean up. If you find dried pet poop on your artificial grass, spray it with water from a garden hose. This will loosen it, making it easier to pick up.

Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance to keep it in optimal condition, making it much easier to care for than natural grass.  

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