22 November, 2022

Tips on how to maintain your artificial grass

Although artificial grass needs much less maintenance than a real lawn, some upkeep is required to keep it in optimal condition over time. While it doesn’t need watering or mowing, it can benefit from being brushed and hosed down every so often. Read on for our top tips on how to maintain your artificial grass Essex.

Regularly remove leaves and debris

The first step is to remove leaves and other debris from your artificial grass. You can do this in a number of ways, including using a petrol leaf blower, a brush, or a plastic rake. This is important since debris can start to block the drainage holes in the grass, resulting in water collecting on its surface. To reduce the number of leaves on the lawn, it’s best to trim back any nearby hedges and overhanging trees.

Clean it using a light detergent

Hosing down your artificial grass can keep it looking its best over time. You can do this using a light detergent and a stiff brush. Lots of people opt for home remedies such as mixing half water and half vinegar to clean artificial turf. Vinegar is a fantastic non-toxic solution that will clean up various spills and stains whilst also helping to remove mould and kill weeds. Alternatively, you may opt for an artificial grass cleaner which is designed to clean, disinfect and completely eliminate any nasty odours coming from your lawn.

Apply weed killer

Although artificial grass is more resistant to weeds than natural turf, it is still possible for them to grow around the edges or even through the small holes in the backing. You can help to prevent this from happening by applying weed killer. You don’t need to do this very often. Usually, once or twice a year is enough to keep weeds from growing through fake grass.

Avoid mirrors and other reflective surfaces

Avoid placing any mirrors or other reflective objects in your garden, especially if they point in the direction of your artificial lawn. This is because they can magnify strong sunlight which can cause damage to the grass, or even cause it to melt in some cases. Outdoor mirrors, mirrored walls, reflective surfaces, and even energy-efficient windows can all have an adverse effect on artificial grass.

Don’t use BBQs and other heat sources on the lawn

Don’t risk placing BBQs and other items that generate heat, such as chimeneas, directly onto your artificial grass. The intense heat they generate can burn the grass, causing damage and even melting in some cases. As a result, it’s best to place BBQs away from the lawn, on a patio or decking, for example. The last thing you want is for your beautiful new lawn to be left with unsightly scorch marks.

Whilst minimal maintenance is required for artificial grass, it does need some minor upkeep over time. These tips should help you to keep your new lawn in great condition long into the future.  

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