9 December, 2020

What Are The Benefits of Artificial Grass?

More and more people are now looking at ways in which they can enhance the look of their homes while reducing the need for maintenance. One area that many people are looking to make the most of is their garden but maintaining a garden is time-consuming. However, artificial grass is now making it possible to get more from your garden. With this in mind, what are the benefits of artificial grass?

It looks good all year round

Whether we have exceptionally dry summers or exceptionally wet winters, it can all take its toll on a real grass lawn. With artificial grass, you won’t have to worry about sodden turf or burnt grass that looks unappealing in every way. The lush-looking artificial grass will always look the same, regardless of the weather, ensuring your garden always looks its best.

No more mowing

During the winter months, mowing the lawn is not a chore that you have to worry about but once your grass gets a hint that Spring has arrived, it begins to grow quickly. In fact, during the summer, you might find that you need to mow your lawn every couple of weeks which is time-consuming and inconvenient. Fortunately, artificial grass doesn’t grow so it stays the same length all year round which means no mowing and you won’t have to worry about strimming either.

Perfect for families

Parents are always keen to get their kids outdoors but there is no fun in watching your real lawn become a patch of mud when the children play on it after several days of heavy rain. Along with this, you will also have to deal with dirty clothes and muddy children, but artificial grass removes all of this. Even after heavy rain, it dries exceptionally quickly which means that you can send the children out to play without the worry of them ruining your lawn or getting dirty.

Easy to clean

Just like a real lawn, after a bad winter, you will find that your lawn might be covered in debris that needs to be cleared and cleaned. This is about the only maintenance that you will need to worry about, but it is really quick and easy. All you need to do is sweep up leaves and debris or if you have a heavy-duty wet and dry vacuum cleaner, you could even use that to pick up debris. Then, you can give it a wash down with some artificial grass disinfectant before standing back and looking at a beautiful lawn that is ready to use!

Pet friendly

If you have pets, especially dogs, then you might find that your lawn becomes covered in dog mess that you then have to locate and remove. With artificial grass, your pets can use it in the same way as real grass, only it is easier and quicker to clean. Unlike real lawns that can suffer from brown patches from ammonia found in urine, your artificial grass will always look perfect and once you have removed any mess, all you need is a mild detergent and a hose and it’s clean and safe to use again.

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